#1 Free CD&DVD Burner

StarBurn SDK Benefits: Powerful, Royalty free CD, DVD & Blu-ray Burning SDK with Real Versatility!

  • Real Versatility: StarBurn SDK supports all Windows versions; moreover, 'NT Native' and 'Kernel' versions of StarBurn SDK are also available. With StarBurn SDK it is possible to burn CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD during very early operating system boot stages (when the Win32 environment is not loaded yet) which is an ideal method to backup an entire hard disk image reliably, without any write data in progress. StarBurn SDK also supports Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft VB.NET and C#, Java and JavaScript, Borland C++ Builder and Delphi. Our customers get both console and GUI sample source code. That allows you to choose whether to trace tiny console applications source code or to build your own application using our sophisticated GUI sample source code;
  • Royalty-free: we do not charge any kind of royalty when you redistribute software application written with StarBurn SDK. Just distribute as many application copies as you wish;
  • Powerful: All the advanced features of modern burning, grabbing and mastering software right at your disposal with StarBurn SDK!

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