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StarBurn Contribution Community

We are proud to have these people among our customers. If you are using StarBurn on your own language it is due to the efforts of the following appreciated enthusiasts:

Gustavo Martins lives in Brasilia DF Brazil, he is 60 years old. His hobbies are watching cult movies, listening to jazz, blues, rock, chorinho, samba and since 1982 computers (a Sinclair ZX80 clone) and computing. Gustavo helped us to translate our product to Portuguese.

Sas Alexandru is 43 years old. He is Romanian but live in Italy from 2001 in a litle village near to Padova. His passion was always the computer (he built his first Commodore 64 in 1991). Alexandru helps us to translate our product to Italian language.

Svetlana is 24 years old, she is studies physics in Taras Shevchenko national university and works as a freelancing tester and translator.In the leisure time she likes to ride mountain bike and write to her blog. Svetlana has helped us much by testing our products in her lab and by translating our software to Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Sylvio Berger is 26 years old, His hobbies are volleyball and PC (hardware and software). Sylvio helps us to translate our product to German language.

aMadEUs is living in Belgium. He's 40 years old including 26 years of passion for the computers.He likes testing and translating the softwares which are useful to him. His hobbies are: NICT, electronics, photography, music. aMadEUs has translated StarBurn into french.

B. J. Blazkowicz is a service technician for various companies. His hobbies are eating, cooking and computer's". He helped us to translate our product to German.

Marekloop is 24 years old. He's electrotechnical engineer from Slovakia. His hobbies are hockeyball, football, PC, etc. He helps us to translate our product to Slovak language.

Dim is living in Japan, he likes to find useful software and translate it to Japaneese. Dim helped us to make a fully localized StarBurn for Japan.

Duy Trung Nguyên is 23 years old and has just graduated Da Nang Polytechnich University. He works as an electric engineer and is fond of localizing software to Vietnamese language.

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