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 Post subject: StarBurn SDK 5.11.14 released!
PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 7:13 pm 
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

we're happy to announce release of new StarBurn SDK version 5.11.14. List of changes since last build:

1) UDF_FormatTimestampFromISO9660DateTime(...) fixed to set correct time zone flags and GMT offset.

Now the time created UDF file entry is local time with correct GMT offset.

2) StarBurn_UDF_FormatTreeItemAsFile(...) fixed to set last write date and time as parameter to UDF management code.

Now we'll set last access date and time as UDF file entry time and not original file creation time as it was before.

3) StarBurn_CvdBurnerGrabber_CloseSession(...) changed to dump execution status to debug output.

Just a bit easier to trace remote problems.

4) StarBurn_GetDeviceTimeOutByDeviceAddress(...) and StarBurn_SetDeviceTimeOutByDeviceAddress(...) API calls added.

Now device timeout values can be controllable by user.

5) We now check for EN_SUCCESS instead of ERROR_SUCCESS when calling StarBurn_IsAudioFileSupported(...) API call.

More accurate stream recording.

6) StarBurn_CdvdBurnerGrabber_DiscAtOnceRawPWFromFile(...) updated to support extended audio tracks.

Now CD+G (Karaoke) CDs can be recorded not only in Session-At-Once but also in Disc-At-Once mode.

7) StarBurn_SetFastReadTOC(...) and StarBurn_GetFastReadTOC(...) API calls added.

Now users can select from "fast" and "accurate" TOC formatting. Fast one works in 99% of the cases, "accurate" is needed only for CD audio extraction.

StarBurn_CdvdBurnerGrabber_SetReadSpeed(...) API call added.

Now we do work with broken devices incapable of ignoring write speed and ending number of logical blocks to process for DVD passed.

9) StarBurn_UDF_Create(...) extended with new parameters and renamed to StarBurn_UDF_CreateEx().

Now we can pass "publisher" and some other extra info on created DVD-Video compilations.

10) StarBurn_GetId(...) added.

Now user can get information (version and text string) from ASPI layer library uses.

11) Both StarBurn_UpStartEx(...) and StarBurn_UpStart(...) now would write StarBurn banner text to the log file if log file is enabled.

Now remote debugging easier as would eliminate the need to ask user about particular StarBurn version he has installed on his/his customer machine.

12) Add tree management Add(...) API calls changed to tolerate NULL as pointer to root. It is declared in the docummentation users can pass NULL but in latest builds it was not possible any more. Patches to wrapper code

Now the tree management code works as advertised in the manual.

13) ScGetSetTimeouts(...) now sets execution status to SS_COMP when we find a device. Very old bug...

Now device timeout SET timeout does not return error always.

14) ReadTOCForCD(...) fixed to set correct track mode for unrecognized data tracks (was setting audio track before).

15) Now ImportDirectory(...) releases allocated memory for directory system structures in case of failure.

16) ImportDirectory(...) changed to use new class CStarBurn_MemoryDeAllocator(...) to remove all of the temp buffers by use of the automatic stack allocated variables. No more possible memory leaks now.

17) All of the burning API calls changed to use new class CStarBurn_HandleDeAllocator(...) to close thread handles when function exits. No more repored leaked resources by NuMega tools (customers complained about them).

1 Other fixes and updates

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