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StarBurn SDK version 4.7.3 released.
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Author:  art(staff) [ Mon Nov 15, 2004 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  StarBurn SDK version 4.7.3 released.

For Immediate Release

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Rocket Division Software had announced immediate availability of the version 4.7.3 of its StarBurn burning SDK. The new version introduces complete DVD multi-session (multi-border) support. Now DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W) and DVD-RAM media can be appended with a new content making DVD a perfect choice for incremental backups and temporary data storage. More information is available at

About StarBurn SDK. This software development kit allows you to add optical media recording and mastering capabilities to your application in minutes. When purchased, SDK comes as a static or dynamic library, set of headers, documentation and samples. The detailed information about the product and its features can be checked out at the

About Rocket Division Software: Rocket Division Software is rapidly growing company providing cutting-edge system-software solutions for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and various UNIXes. We're positioning as a provider of the top-notch, high-performance technologies for the data storage and networking industry. Our "know how" and development services cover a wide range of existing and emerging storage and networking technologies, such as: CD/DVD recording and mastering, iSCSI virtual storage, local and network file system design. Rocket Division Software can be found at

Rocket Division Software

14th of November, 2004


1) Complete DVD multisession (multiborder) support. Now DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W) and DVD-RAM media can be appended with a new content making DVD a perfect choice for incremental backups and temporary data storage.
2) Fixed bug in RAW Session-At-Once processing code. Now small images can be also recorded with "AmplifyWeak" flag set.
3) ATIP reading code added.
4) DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media now reports DISC_STATUS_INCOMPLETE always.
5) 1MB split size set duing call to GrabDisc(...) does not crash the system.
6) ASPI under Windows 98 issues sorted out.
7) FindDevice(...) now initiates rescan. So if new device was added it would be detected with StarBurn.
8) GetInsertedDiscType(...) workarounded to handle old devices w/o GET_CONFIGURATION command supported.
9) Licensing system changed. Now all the builds are universal and require StarBurn.key to run.
10) VideoCD and SuperVideoCD processing code fixed. Now stub files would be found even if current directory
would be changed.
11) Now special driver is used to route I/O thru. No administrator rights required under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
12) Debug logging system changed. Now all logs can be redirected to file. No need to use third-party tools like
DebugView or DbgMon or whatever.
13) Gap-less AudioCD verified to exist.
14) CoInitialize(...) issue sorted out. Now no need to call CoUninitialize(...) before exiting.
15) Samples are build with DDK/IFS Kit. No need to use MS RTL.
16) Tree management cancellation code fixed. No more memory leaks and cancel returns EN_CANCELLED and not EN_SUCCESS.
17) Multitrack burns with "Track not blank!" problem fixed.
18) GetDeviceNameByDeviceAdddress(...) under Windows 98/Me now works.
19) Multithreaded apps now work with StarWave w/o no need to init COM in every thread.
20) DVD padding made controllable. Now 1GB padding can be turned on and off.
21) Extended WAV fies with variable WAV header now are supported.
22) Long names on NTFS with 8.3 DOS format switched off now work.

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