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August 22, 2013

StarBurn SDK V15.1 'Stingray' has been released.

Release notes:

StarBurn Core

  • Added new speeds for DVD media.
  • Bug with Blu-Ray burning speed has been fixed.
  • UDF detection issue has been fixed.
  • Wrong detection media(LIVE FS) as blank has been fixed.
  • Full erase for DVD-RAM,DVD+RW,BD-RE has been corrected.
  • Specific write failure for 'Pioneer' drives has been fixed.

StarBurnX (Active-X wrapper)

  • BusType and SerialId properties were added to DriveInfo.
  • The CheckOverburning property was added to ImageBurner.
  • Verification procedure was added to DVDVideoBurner.
  • Multi-burning issue has been fixed.

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